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Maisemore is a village just north of Gloucester on the West bank of the River Severn.

Included here on the village website are pages for the various Societies, Groups and Clubs active in the village, together with Neighbourhood Watch and a link to Parish Council website. There is also a page showing Businesses operating in Maisemore where known.

Maisemore Village Hall now has its own website - click on to access it - however I've currently left some of the information on this website for completeness.

Maisemore Local History Society also now has its own website - click on to access it. 

There are views taken along the "Maisemore Walk" (see below) and pages dedicated to the "Coronation Avenue" and the new "Millennium Avenue".

For FLOODING RESOURCES please click the link on the left


There was recently a petition to the government for:

A417 Maisemore - To raise a section of road to help with flooding issues and reconnect the transport network

Click here for the result (it will open in a new window) - it attracted 691 signatures. 

It was of course highly unlikely ever to get close to the 100,000 threshold which would have triggered a debate in the House of Commons and thus some people as a consequence might have suggested it was futile bothering to sign. "Why should I fill it in? - it's a waste of time...". However, we believed it would be a great asset for any discussion with people locally - not just with the relevant Members of Parliament, but also with councillors and services bodies. Indeed the raising of the road is now included as one of the projects in the draft Transport Plan albeit for 2021-2026. 


Here's an aerial view of the village taken in early 2005 looking west (click on to enlarge - it will open in a new browser window):


Here's an aerial view taken from a similar point about 25 years ago (click on to enlarge - it will open in a new browser window) - spot the differences between then and now (but there are no prizes...):

The map below will enable you to explore Maisemore in detail - use the pan and zoom controls to move about and hit the "Satellite" button to display an aerial view.  

Alternatively open up Maisemore in Google Maps (new window)



The Maisemore Circular Walk starts and finishes at the Village Hall in the centre of the village (zoom in on the map above for location) - it's a relatively easy 4 mile walk around the village and its environs - click on the picture to download the leaflet

Bus Timetables - 

The Mobile Library visits on a four-weekly basis calling at the Village Hall between 14.15 and 15.45 on the following dates (all Thursdays):   

~ Thursday, 11 January
~ Thursday, 8 February
~ Thursday, 8 March
~ Thursday, 5 April
~ Thursday, 3 May
~ future dates to be advised (or check in The Grapevine)

Other links:

Maisemore is on Wikipedia

The village about two miles north of Maisemore on the A417 is Hartpury - their Parish Council website is at  

The village about three miles north of Maisemore on the River Severn is Ashleworth - their Parish Council website is at

The village about one mile west of Maisemore is Highnam - their Parish Council website is at

There's also an excellent site authored by Russell Higgins describing the Severn Bore, which can be experienced from Maisemore Bridge - click above to access - the 2018 computer program predicting when bores will occur is available there. Direct link -  2018 timetable .

Another Severn Bore website can be found at

There's also a page on the bore at Wikipedia.

Click on the logo to visit 

Please note this website is run completely independently of Maisemore Parish Council, and does not receive any funding from that organisation. Refer directly to the Parish Council's website.

For further information, or comment and suggestions for improvement of this website, please contact David Jones